Our Carers

Before introducing our clients to carers, we carefully consider their relevant training, experience and qualifications.  We also try incredibly hard to match people according to shared interests and compatible personalities.  We have on our books, over 100 experienced, warm and deeply empathetic carers, including former district nurses, palliative care nurses, intensive care nurses, carers highly trained in dementia care, end of life care and also untrained but lovely warm people who provide companionship, cook lunch or take people on outings. 


Here is a small selection of carer profiles...

Elizabeth Ramsbotham

My interest in elderly people began as a child loving my grandparents and developed as I became a teenager into community service in care homes and spending Christmas with those whose families could not be there.

Looking after people remained in my nature and as an adult I cared for my sister in law in the months before she died of cancer, and my beloved Mother who had a severe stroke which paralysed her left side and who has lived for over a decade without being able to walk I have learnt to understand something of the grief, vulnerability and isolation that so many people experience and I have made a deeper commitment to accompany and help them.

Elizabeth Ramsbotham (1).jpg

All these experiences have led me to train and work full time as a carer, obtaining an NVQ in care and dividing my time between The Steppes care home and for Heartfelt Care.  I feel extremely privileged to be able to work in a community care home and with individuals living at home, and sometimes, building bridges between the two. Every relationship is individual, each situation is unique and each person is unique and my deepest striving is to honour that and be of assistance with warmth, compassion and joy!

Hagar Geula

Having grown up in Camphill Community, I felt a strong urge to work in the care sector, in an environment where I could truly make an impact on people's lives. At university in York, I helped to set up and run a scheme called NightSafe, where we volunteered to help vulnerable people at night. After completing my degree in English Literature, I went on to study to become a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher, and now work with young children in a small setting in Stroud. 

I was introduced to Heartfelt Care in 2016, and have met some incredible people through my work. I truly appreciate being given the time to get to know my clients properly, and to be able to be a part of their journey. Heartfelt Care have been extremely accommodating, and have made it possible for me to find shifts which suite my schedule, and clients with whom I have made strong, lasting connections. 

Hagar Guela.jpg

Marie Warren-Smith

For many years I was an Advocate and Independent Visitor for children and young people in care and continued to enjoy and find great compassion in many aspects of the caring world.

After my mother passed away my late father became ill, with the help of a few close people, I became his main carer.  I found this time to be extremely rewarding in every way, the best time, so many memories and fond stories to share with each other.

After moving to Gloucestershire I have been extremely fortunate to be part of Heartfelt Care.  I love meeting so many truly wonderful people, I believe communication and humour is vital, I enjoy introducing painting and drawing to encourage creative abilities for all. 

I love looking after my five Grandchildren, walking, theatre, dressmaking and the arts.

Marie Warren-Smith.jpg

Derek Hassack

I trained as a Psychiatric Nurse in the late 1970s, before re-training and developing a career in Further Education. Initially a lecturer in English Literature and Media Studies, I soon moved into college management and held various senior posts at different colleges.

I was a part-time carer for my mother (97) and father (100) for a number of years. As a result I have developed a good working knowledge of the Care sector as well as first-hand experience of caring itself. My initial training as a Psychiatric Nurse, although many years ago, nonetheless provided a bedrock of skills that continues to serve me well in life and work today.

I have found expression in writing throughout my life, and am a published author. Alongside care-work I sustain a private practice in Co-Active Coaching and Reconnective Healing. I am the proud father of three wonderful daughters, am a former active sportsman who is now very content with the armchair-view, and a lover of the natural world and walking in beautiful landscapes.

Derek Hassack (1).jpg

Catherine Stephenson

I have over 20 years experience in caring both in a management position within a residential school setting with special needs students and within private homes as a carer, companion and personal assistant helping with administration and research.

I studied English Literature and Philosophy at University obtaining a degree in English Literature.  I also have a background in classical piano and singing and I have often found that those whom I support and care for share in my love of literature and music.


I am passionate in my work as a carer/ companion, enriching others' lives with warmth and compassion while being able to use initiative and professional judgment.  

Catherine Stephenson.jpg

Penny Scott

I worked for several years as an art instructor for adults with learning difficulties when I lived in Surrey but after re-locating to Stroud, and a chance meeting with Joanna, I was offered the opportunity to work with older people, which I am finding wonderfully satisfying. 

I am really enjoying being able to give people the care and time that they deserve in their later years.
I like trying to find creative solutions to every day challenges and frustrations in order to help make daily life for my clients feel easier and lighter where possible

Penny Scott.jpg

Catharine Linde

Many years of caring for people, in Camphill Communities, as a private carer, and now as part of the Heartfelt Care community has been an enriching and challenging path for me.  By nature,  I am quiet, practical and enjoy a calm, simple approach to care.  I want to make it possible for those who want to remain in their own homes to do so, with whatever level of help that is needed and wanted at any given time. 


I am especially interested in end of life care, helping families and individuals in the last weeks and days of their journey; we all meet this time with as much dignity and interest as our lifetimes can afford us, and a calm, experienced, and comforting presence can be a great help.


I like to listen to people, but tend to be a bit quiet myself, not bubbly or chatty. I am cheerful and am told that I may be heard singing to myself when on my own!  I enjoy many and varied interests, from handcrafts, baking, painting, pottery, reading, camping with children, d.i.y., and have an active and dry sense of humour. The wisdom of Anthroposophy has been a lifelong inspiration, in all its practical applications.

CL photo.jpg

Sue Hatcher

I have been with Heartfelt Care since February, 2018. I was a teacher for most of my adult life, but needed a work/life balance that allowed me the flexibility to be available for my husband who has poor health.  Caring was the obvious choice, as I have relevant experience within my family : I cared for both my parents and our middle daughter who was wheelchair bound for two years under my sole care. I worked as a nurse in my 20s and often think, as a result of my care work, that I have really found my calling. The varied work and clients makes no one day the same as the next, and I love to be expected and welcomed by these lovely people who have become my friends.

Heartfelt has perfectly met my requirements of flexible work. I love what I’m doing, as well as benefitting from the beautiful drives around this beautiful area.

Sue Hatcher (1).jpg

Lynn Hawkins

I have been with Heartfelt Care for a few years now and it is the most rewarding work. My children are now grown up so I have time to do what I enjoy and that’s caring for the elderly in their own homes.  I’m very passionate about our clients being able to stay in their own home and I like to help people keep their independence for as long as they can.  No two days are the same, I love the variety.  Some of my clients have dementia which can be difficult for them to live with, this is sad to see but we certainly have lots of laughs.  While excellent personal care is important, it’s the everyday conversation, walks and mental stimulation which really help and because of the way Heartfelt allows us to work, we can be sure to have that one on one time with everyone – this makes it a great job to be in.  I work with a lovely team of people and in a job I love.

Lynn photo 1.jpg

Michelle Hudd

I joined Heartfelt Care in 2019 and I have asked clients that I support to describe me :- 
‘Happy, cheerful, caring, kind, confident, always willing to help, always smiling, a good listener’

I have over 20 years of experience in supporting clients in their own homes with tasks such as, personal care, preparing meals, shopping, catheter and stoma care, safe moving and handling, and supporting clients with medication. 

I have achieved Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care, Dementia Link Award, Level 2 End of Life, Level 3 Safe Handling of Medication, First Aid and many more. 
I am very proud to be a carer and I enjoy meeting new people and my work allows this. 

Michelle photo 1.jpg