Heartfelt Care is a Gloucestershire based introduction agency working with exceptional, devoted carers.


We introduce excellent carers to those in need of daily help in their own homes.

Our carers have been selected for their ability to appreciate clients for who they are and the lives they have led and to be able to share a real interest in their wealth of life experience.  They are sensitive to our clients' dignity and able to judge what is needed so that clients maintain control over their homes and lives for as long as possible.


At Heartfelt Care we stand for only the best.  While we are particularly passionate about doing what we can for our local elderly, we apply the same professional ethos to all our clients.

Catherine with Chris Hampton.jpg

Catherine with Chris Hampton


Charlie with Alan Thornhill

Jane Brink with Bob Tanner.jpg

Jane with Bob Tanner

Olivia Schultz with Margaret Short 2.jpg

Olivia with Mrs. Margaret Short

“We will always remember you for your kindness and professionalism, for placing the wonderful Tracey and Kim, and for enabling my mother to come back from the abyss. “  S.Bruce