About Heartfelt Care

My realisation that I wanted to work as a carer, looking after those made vulnerable by old age, came after the deterioration and death of some very close family members.  More than that, I wanted excellent care to reach more people than I could reach on my own.

Working with private clients, I loved every moment and each aspect of caring for elderly people, finding it deeply rewarding to be working with great empathy, tenderness and humour.  Along the way I began meeting other passionate carers of the highest quality who shared my strong feelings about how care work needs to be. This was inspiring and encouraging.

But I felt that various aspects of the care world could be better – importantly for both carers and clients. 

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I strived to build something of quality for clients which of course felt safe, reassuring and trusted but just as importantly, I wanted to set up and organisation where carers felt properly resourced, validated and supported to do this desperately important work. 

I have met and worked with delightful and impressive carers.  I feel excited and honoured to have such people in my life.  These wonderful people are the Heartfelt Carer list.  

Setting up Heartfelt Care as an introduction agency means that I can link up those looking for help, with the fantastic carers that I know.  I love organizing and overseeing and get huge satisfaction from the many wonderful relationships and lasting friendships formed by these matches.


It is my intention that all Heartfelt Carers feel as though they belong to a warm and friendly community of carers, supporting each other, bringing something lovely into people’s homes.

For our clients we want care in their own homes to feel like a breath of fresh air. 

Genuinely Heartfelt Care!


Joanna O'Malley